Weatherly Schwab School

Charles M. Schwab School Restoration Project:

The next event will be Winterfest at the Weatherly Middle School in December. Please check back for more details! Click HERE for more info!

Schwab School Building

To renovate and preserve The Schwab School located in Weatherly, PA board of directors have been diligently working on moving forward with fundraising for renovations.

Mission Statement:

“The C.M. Schwab School restoration project’s mission is to coordinate community efforts to restore the historic Schwab school and facilitate its transfer back to public use as a gift to the borough of Weatherly.”

Worded and agreed on by the Board Members of the C.M. Schwab School Restoration Project.

For the newest updates please visit the Save our School Facebook page at this link:

Save our School

Here is a link to a gallery of periodicals gathered by Mr. J and other members of the Save our School Facebook Page:

Facebook Photo Gallery is written by Alyssa Hinkle… ©2017 Last updated: 10/19/2017

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